How I’m Voting

Here are my thoughts on the California ballot:

Props 30 and 38: NO.
Both measures would raise taxes by substantial amounts, ostensibly to spare state education from devastating cuts. Yet it’s not at all clear that education would really suffer these cuts. The bigger problem is that California’s leadership refuses to reform its spending habits. At the same time it’s saying there’s no money and drastic cuts must be made to education, it also moved forward on a $100 billion high speed rail boondoggle. And it passed a bill that would have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to public safety workers’ families by classifying illnesses as job-related "hero ailments"; a cop who died of cancer 30 years after retirement would have been presumed to die of "work-related" ailments! When you see this kind of spending recklessness going on, you can be sure that legislators aren’t yet serious about stewarding our finances. Passing these tax increases would simply allow state leaders to kick the can down the road. When there’s a hole in the bucket, the solution is not to poor in more water.

Prop 32: YES.
While this would impose restrictions on both corporations and unions, it would especially target unions, ending their power to use money deducted from paychecks for political purposes. Since unions, especially public employees unions, are the biggest obstacle to reform in California, anything that reduces their power should be helpful in getting the state back on the right track.

Prop 33: NO.

Prop 34: NO.
The death penalty is a moral and biblical imperative. Flaws in the system ought to occasion reform, not abolition.

Prop 35: NO.
Noble intentions, but problems with the actual details.

Prop 36: NO.
Could let violent criminals out of jail. There is already a large amount of discretion in the strikes process; it’s not automatic. Details from a prosecutor here.

Prop 37: NO.
Poorly written proposition that leaves mom and pop stores open to shakedowns from lawyers  and requires labeling for something which has never been proven to cause harm. (Not to mention that we’ve been doing clumsy versions of GMO for millennia.) There’s no reason consumers who really care can’t buy voluntarily labeled GMO-free products. But whether you support GMO labeling or not, reject this poorly written proposition.

Prop 39: NO.

Prop 40: YES.

Measure B: NO.
When in doubt, go with less government regulation.

Measure J: YES.
Keeping a sale tax increase isn’t ideal, but to get better transportation, it’s worth it.

President: Mitt Romney.
Romney, while far from perfect, is superior to President Obama in just about every respect. Obama is a pro-abortion extremist who not only wants no restrictions at any time on abortion but also wants to use tax dollars to pay for them. Romney is in favor of letting states ban abortions. So a vote for Romney is, quite literally, a vote to spare millions of innocent lives from a violent death.

Also, after lying in the last election, Obama has now shown his true colors and is openly advocating for the redefinition of marriage. For those who respect history, human nature, and God’s Word, this ought to be a deal breaker. Romney is in favor of upholding the true definition of marriage. The choice for followers of Christ should be clear. While Romney is also superior on economic matters, the moral differences alone should be enough.

Congress: Howard Berman.
There are only Democrats in the race, but Berman has a better record of working together with Republicans.

District Attorney: Alan Jackson.

Other Races: Republican.
In a system where only two parties control the government, voting the party line makes the most sense.


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